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Welcome, and thanks for stopping by my little spot on this vast internet. I'm Liana Evans, known as Li Evans in most circles and I'm an online and search marketing professional and have been in the industry in one form or another since 1995. My background comes from a mix of public relations and programming.

I'm a self-proclaimed "search geek", I love the industry both from a marketing perspective and a technical one. The technical one is what brought me into the industry. Back in 1995, I started trying to figure out just how these "hobby" websites of mine were ranking in Alta Vista, Northern Lights and Excite, the logical programming side of me was detirmined to figure it out. I'd build and create websites "part-time" for friends and family who had businesses and needed help.

Back in those days, most of us couldn't make a living doing what we do now, search marketing was just in its infancy. People were only starting to discover search engines and heck, Google wasn't even a twinkle in Larry and Sergei's eyes yet. My part time hobby was my passion, and among my friends I got called "search gal."

Flash foward to 2009 not only has nline marketing has exploded since 1995 but social media has just really taken traditional ways of marketing and turned it totally upside down. While still avidly involved with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) I've taken on a new focus in online marketing - Social Media Marketing. I'm also a speaker at Search Engine Strategies, as well as a Trainer for SES on Social Media Marketing. I'm also a moderator for Cre8asite Forums in the SEO and Social Media Categories and I run and write for the popular blog Search Marketing Gurus. features me as an expert columnist on Social Media and I'm in the process of writing a book on the subject, too!

For a little bit more about me, check out the links on the left or bottom, the "About" section has a little bit more about me personally, the "Speaking" section lists my speaking engagements, the "Writing" section lists some articles, the "Blogs" sections is a list of the blogs I own, write for or contribute to, "Photos" gives you some links to photos I've taken at events, the "Videos" sections features some of my video tutorials & interviews, "Convos" is all about Social Media and where you can find me conversing and lastly, the "Resume" section is pretty self explanitory.

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